ACCA Fall 2012 Biology Seminar Series
Benedictine University, Birck Hall of Science, Tellabs Lecture Hall, 7-9PM

September 11 Issues facing our local waterways – how to improve river ecosystemsJim Kleinwachter, Conservation Foundation
September 18 A closer look at anthropogenic chemicals in aquatic environments
Rebecca Trueman, Concordia University
September 25 Climate Change: The Real Deal or Just a Good Story?
Doug Sisterson, Argonne National Laboratory
October 2 Public Health and Recreational Water Quality
Julie Kinzelman, City of Racine, Health Department
October 9* Running of the Red Queen: how host-parasite coevolution influences the reproductive biology of a freshwater snailDeanna Soper Pinkelmann
October 16 Water, Biofuels and the Environment
Cristina Negri, Argonne National Laboratory
October 23 What Tourist Leave Behind: Water quality changes in the Yucatan Peninsula and Riviera Maya
Melissa Lenczewski, Northern Illinois University
October 30 It IS Important What the Neighbors Think: Creating Lake Shoreline Landscapes That Are Ecologically Diverse and Have Broad Aesthetic Appeal
Robert Kirschner, Chicago Botanic Garden
November 6 The Many Faucets of Water
Teri Walker, Elmhurst College
November 13 A historical perspective on the Lake Michigan foodweb and the role of non-native species
Sara M. Creque, Sergiusz, J. Czesny, Rebecca A. Redman, Illinois Natural History Survey
November 20* To Be Announced