Hooke College of Applied Sciences

ACCA now has a new cooperative program with Hooke College of Applied Sciences, part of the McCrone Group, located in Westmont, Illinois.  It is titled “Microscopy for Chemists” and is designed to initiate students in chemistry and biology in the techniques of microscopy used every day by practicing chemists.  The cooperative program provides students a hands-on experience using state-of-the-art microscopes and techniques.  Students attend 1-week intensive courses and receive credit at their home college or university.  They learn how to apply the necessary skills and analytical judgment to a wide variety of microanalytical problems including:  pharmaceutical contamination, forensic trace evidence, white powder identification to detect weapons of mass destruction, failure analysis of plastics and polymers, and cleanroom techniques including particle isolation and specialized sample preparation.  By using light and electron microscopy along with infrared and Raman spectroscopy students learn how each of these microanalytical tools can be used to solve a wide variety of materials analysis and particle identification problems.

The program includes some of the following courses regularly taught at the Hooke College.

  • Modern Polarized Light Microscopy
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Microscopic Particle Handling:  Particle Isolation, Manipulation and Mounting
  • Infrared Microscopy
  • Raman Microspectroscopy

refer to the Hooke College web site for further course information   www.hookecollege.com

Charles Zona, Dean
Hooke College of Applied Sciences
850 Pasquinelli Drive
Westmont, IL   60559