The Biology Division has historically organized fall and spring seminars. The College Botany Program was set up by the division in cooperation with Morton Arboretum to offer specialized courses for ACCA students. The division has initiated a cooperative program with the Shedd Aquarium in Marine Science which also provides courses for ACCA students.

Chair Vacant

Chris Anderson, Secretary, Dominican University, canderson@dom.edu

ACCA Biology faculty in the Biology Google group can send emails to all division faculty using the Google group acca-biology@googlegroups.com. Contact the ACCA executive director or the division chair to be added to the list.

Megan Dunning
College Botany Program
Morton Arboretum
Hilary Wind
Marine Biology Program
Shedd Aquarium


The Chemistry Division organizes a fall CHEMISTRY

The chemistry division offers a seminar series for high school and university students and faculty. It holds a spring workshop for ACCA chemistry faculty. ACCA maintains a cooperative program, “Microscopy for Chemists” with the Hooke College of Applied Sciences.

Michael Bosscher, Chair, Trinity Christian College, michael.bosscher@trnty.edu

ACCA Chemistry faculty in the Chemistry Google group can send emails to all division faculty using the Google group acca-chemistry@googlegroups.com. Contact the ACCA executive director or the division chair to be added to the list.

Hooke College of Applied Sciences
Charles Zona
Microscopy for Chemists
Hooke College of Applied Sciences
Christine Gorman
Jim Bristol
University Partnerships Representative


The Computer Science Division normally holds a fall seminar series which is broadcast to students at ACCA colleges. Each winter it holds a programming contest for ACCA students. Each spring it holds a faculty development workshop for ACCA Computer Science faculty. This year’s programming contest will be held Saturday, , at This spring’s faculty development workshop date is TBD. Additional information on Computer Science Division activities is disseminated via a listserve that is maintained by John Hayward of Wheaton College.

JOHN JEFFREY, Chair, Elmhust University, johnj@elmhurst.edu


The Mathematics Division holds two workshops each year for ACCA students and faculty. Two lectures are presented at each workshop with a dinner meeting between. Mathematics also holds an annual calculus contest for ACCA students.

Justin Brown, Chair, Olivet Nazarene University, jbrown7@olivet.edu

ACCA Mathematics faculty in the Mathematics Google group can send emails to all division faculty using the Google group acca-mathematics@googlegroups.com. Contact the ACCA executive director or the division chair to be added to the list.


The Physics Division will run three seminars this academic year and host a dinner in the spring semester.

Joe Kozminski, Chair, Lewis University, kozminjo@lewisu.edu

ACCA Physics faculty in the Physics Google group can send emails to all division faculty using the Google group acca-physics@googlegroups.com. Contact the ACCA executive director or the division chair to be added to the list.


The Psychology Division plans to host an alumni panel and a spring gathering for faculty (typically a book club meeting)

Brady Jones, Co-Chair, University of St. Francis, bjones@stfrancis.edu

Kathryn O’Toole, Co-Chair, North Park University, kjotoole@northpark.edu


The Sociology/Anthropology Division has a listserv through the efforts of Frank Steinhart of North Park University.
Chair – vacant

Reimbursement Forms for Division Activity

ACCA offers payment through PayPal or by check. Information can be found on the expense and stipend forms. Contact the executive director of the ACCA treasurer for assistance, if needed.

  • Reimbursement of Expenses Form: PDF
  • Request Stipend Form: PDF, W-9 Form

ACCA Division Chairpersons Guidelines

Division chairpersons are responsible for the following objectives and outcomes:

  1. Conduct three division meetings per year (fall, winter, & spring). The fall meeting is held at the ACCA Annual Dinner held on the first Monday in October. The winter meeting is held the first Friday in December at one of the ACCA colleges/universities. The spring meeting is held either the fourth Friday in April, the first Friday in May, or at the ACCA Annual Symposium.
  2. Prepare agenda for all division meetings in advance. Agendas of meetings from the preceding year are a good guide for new agendas. Add new agenda items as appropriate. Perennial agenda items include: topics, dates, and progress reports of divisions with seminar courses, cooperative programs with Morton Arboretum & Shedd Aquarium, workshops & grants, establishing dates of the next division meeting, and choosing new officers.
  3. Confirm that the Division Secretary is present to take minutes at each division meeting or request that he/she find a substitute. Division secretary should take attendance at the meeting, and type and distribute meeting minutes within three weeks after the meeting. To distribute the meeting minutes, please send to the Executive Director via e-mail and they will be distributed and/or posted on the ACCA WebPage.
  4. At least two weeks prior to each division meeting, an agenda should be distributed. These items should be sent to each ACCA division member. The ACCA Executive Director will assist with this distribution.
  5. Prepare a budget proposal for the following year by February 15 and send it to the ACCA Executive Director. Budget proposals shall include information and justification if needed for any changes to current funding level. These proposals are preliminarily submitted to the ACCA Executive Committee in their February meeting and adopted in April. Prepare an end of year annual report by April 15, and forward to the ACCA Executive Director.
  6. Support division projects and members as appropriate.
  7. Support announcement of and attendance at the Fall Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science seminars, the Spring Biology Seminar, and the Annual Student Symposium.
  8. Submit appropriate ACCA reimbursement form to ACCA Treasurer for any expenses incurred.
  9. Biology division chairperson shall support and/or assist with cooperative activities with Morton Arboretum and Shedd Aquarium.
  10. At end of term, provide orientation and materials to new division chairperson.